The Victoria Cohen Scholarship for aspiring ocular oncologists

The VCECCT helps aspiring ocular oncologists by awarding scholarships to those in need of financial assistance for their fellowship.

Currently there is one award of US$25,000, or equivalent, available per annum.

Applicants can come from anywhere in the world and can study in any location, so long as it is a recognised centre of excellence for eye cancer. They must, however, satisfy the Judging Panel of international experts in order to win an award.

If you are training to become an ocular oncologist and need financial assistance to help you through your fellowship, we invite you to apply.

Your donation will support the training and education of future eye cancer surgeons. It takes years to become an ocular oncologist yet not all those with the skill and passion have the means. 

Almost everyone knows someone affected by cancer. Get involved with the VCECCT and help support the training and education of the next generation of eye cancer specialists.

Our mission is to save the lives, eyes, or vision of those affected by eye cancer around the world by investing in the training and education of ocular oncologists.